sudo make me a sandwich


I’ve been setting up a lot of Debian systems these days and sudo doesn’t come installed by default.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Here is how you can get it up and running using apt-get:

 apt-get install sudo

After that, to add an already existing user to the sudoer’s list, just use usermod:

 usermod -a -G sudo USERNAME

Do not forget to use the -a option, otherwise the user is not going to be a part of the groups that he/she previously was.

Hello world!

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

lol. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this phrase. After setting up a quite considerable number of WordPress sites you kinda get used to it. So… Here is another blog.


For quite some time I wanted to write a blog, the thing is I don’t really like to write, lol. What I DO like to do is to solve problems. When I am presented with a challenge, I do my research and come up with a solution. Writing down how that was done is something I never really gave much attention to, but without someone writing down and sharing how they solved their problems, I would not have much to research on, right?

Not too long ago I decided to checkout what exactly is this “markdown” text format that a lot of places are using nowadays and I was impressed. An easy an simple way to render beautiful html from standard text files. About the same time I came in touch with git (the official version control system) and with puppet (a configuration management tool) and I noticed that basically all projects I have come in contact with since I started out as a programmer/admin could be greatly improved.

Some say that’s there is no place better then home. There I begun to apply my newly acquired knowledge. My mission was to format and reconfigure all my home servers using puppet to centralize management, git to version control the configuration files and markdown to record any information that I found useful in the process. Later I decided to add pdf-printed versions of the pages I found during my research for future reference.

So why this blog? My markdown-driven research folder is getting out of control and I want to contribuite back so going forward I intent to use this blog as a simpler way to save anything I find interesting and useful and if I can help someone trying to invent the same wheel, then that is good too.